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Welcome to the interactive internet site of The United Universe!

We encounter problems everywhere, in all media: magazines, newspapers, television and internet, but also in our own surroundings. Due to all these problems, some of us no longer feel there is a light at the end of our tunnel. We can plainly see the problems – but where are the solutions?

The people who become aware of the state our world is in, can rise together as one, and here a solution can be found. The individual cannot solve such problems on his own. For this, a collective intelligence and, therefore, a cooperation with The United Universe is necessary.

The United Universe is set up as a point of reference for worldly and local problems, but is specifically developed as a place where these problems can be solved. All people who unite themselves with The United Universe will help to find a solution for these problems.

Because of its structure, The United Universe will lend a helping hand in finding solutions for all problems we are facing today.

What do we need to achieve this? What we need is people, as many people as possible who are willing to take an honest look at themselves and at the world around them!

What is the structure of The United Universe?

First of all: State the major problem you see the world is having today. After approval, The United Universe will categorize your problem into one of the 12 main subject headings.

Each of the 237 independent states and self-regulating areas on our planet has its own Internet site and a separate database for registering problems. The subjects of this internet site are divided into the following webpage –

The world Problems

Secondly: Collectively we work towards a solution. Of course it is also possible that we discuss more than one solution for the same problem item. Therefore one or more structured plans will be developed here. Such plans will indicate which changes must be brought about, how to do this, and most important, who will be responsible for implementing these changes. This is made possible through on-line question and answer protocol. This will be shown at the webpage –

Question and Answer protocol

Thirdly: It will be decided which structured plan will be performed first. This will be shown at the web page –


Fourthly: To complete the chosen project plan we have to collect money from private companies, corporate companies and the government.


Finally: When the project starts, it will be possible to follow it through live cameras 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. Moreover, the progress of every running project on the site will be reported regularly. This you can find at the web page -

Project coordination

Because of this set-up a “knowledge base” with great value will be created soon. Our goal is to use this knowledge base to solve problems and instigate action quickly, so we can offer structured solutions for all kinds of problems.

It goes without saying, that these problems cannot be solved all at once, but by taking many little steps The United Universe will have the strength to actually mean something in the world.

You can keep closing your eyes and wait for the destruction of our world or you can make a fist together with The United Universe!

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