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Dear interested party,

First of all we wish to express our appreciation for your beneficial work in the field of charity! Maybe it didn’t get your attention, but the non-profit organization: The United Universe is ready and operational... we went live in March 2007.

TUU (The United Universe) is an Joint Venture of both: Globe United, media group TUUnews, Mayan Tun Uc age, and CoCaCity. We would like to welcome you as head sponsor or benefactor of a division of our Enterprise. This non-profit organization, with a unique concept contributes to support humanity and to make it possible to create a better society for everyone.


Do you subscribe to our objectives and do you want to help? We will be helped if you make a donation or want to contribute to the company. Of course, you as a company and/or private individual will get something in return.

Please help:

There are several ways to make a donation to The United Universe.

ING Bank: 30.32.681 To J.C. van der Beek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

You can also acquire advertising space. We can place various advertisements on the internet site, because each page and country has its own running billboard.

You can also choose to place a banner or a logo, from which visitors to the site can click through to another site.

All advertising profits are used entirely for the project plans; The United Universe is a nonprofit organization!

Are you interested?

For more information on advertising or sponsoring possibilities, please contact, without any obligation: Johan van der Beek.

We would like to thank you for your support in advance.

With kindest regards:
Johan van der Beek
CEO The United Universe enter: www.TUU.nu

address: Sijpestein 138 - 1083 XL Netherlands - Holland @ Amsterdam.
e-mail: UnitedUniverse(a)hotmail.com
phone: +31(0)622322749


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