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Allow me to introduce myself: your webmaster, Johan van der Beek.


The maintenance of the project “The United Universe” has been a full time job for quite a while now.

At this moment we are translating the text of The United Universe in different languages as each country will have its own The United Universe internet site. For that is the only way to reach and mobilize the entire world population and thus apply our method everywhere.

Until now, my colleagues and I (with special thanks for Astrid Rhemrev) invested a great deal of time and funds in The United Universe to achieve our goal. We therefore hope that voluntary donations will enable us to continue developing and executing our worldwide projects.

The United Universe knows no limits: we will do everything for a better world, through scientific research, consultation and actual implementation.

Our aim is: to find peaceful solutions for all the conflicts and problems on our planet!

We hope that you will make frequent use of The United Universe and if you have any questions, you can always contact us through: Webmaster..

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